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Made in Germany, SEBO Vacuums Are Here in Colorado


The Onyx Collection, is sold exclusively in-store by “Medalist Dealers”.
SEBO’s FREE Warranty Bonus, available at Anderson's Vacuums, extends factory coverage from 7-years motor, 5-years non-wear parts, and 5-years labor to a total of 10-years motor, 10-years non-wear parts, and 7-years labor!

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Sebo Upright Vacuums

Sebo is the most diverse upright brand. The simple engineering, developed in Germany, makes this a premium machine perfect for residential and commercial business cleaning. Anderson’s Vacuum carries Felix, Automatic X, Essential G, 370 Comfort, Automatic and Mechanical Sebo machines.

The Sebo X4 and X5 machines have a mechanical (gear driven) height adjustment that adjusts to any carpet or bare floor automatically. Additional features include: brush adjustment indicator light, brush obstruction light with automatic shut off, worn brush light, stationary use light and a jammed or full bag indicator light.

We also carry Automatic X, Essential G, 370 Comfort, Automatic and Mechanical Sebo machines as well as a healthy stock of the G1 and G2 series for residential and commercial use.

Sebo Canister Vacuums

Anderson’s Vacuum carries the D1, D4 and D4 premium, among other Sebo machines.

The D4 Series is efficient, powerful, and protective. With a 52 foot cleaning radius (the largest on the market), allowing you to clean more of your home with less stopping. The full size attachments are all on-board, so you don’t need to stop what you are doing to go find those darn attachment tools.

You can adjust the suction to prevent pulling on area rugs and customize the power heads to clean and protect different types of flooring; the brush rollers are easily removed with one click.

The D4 Premium provides the largest bag capacity with the widest cleaning path. The specialized brush roller can be installed for gentle cleaning of Indian, Persian, oriental, silk and woolen carpets and rugs.


All of the Sebo canisters have hospital grade filtration. Along with being a sealed system, Sebo offers the best filtration available for the best price. Over the life of these vacuums, you will pay half-to-a-quarter of the price of other brands.

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